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dust is icky. 80 year-old dust is moreso. hooray for new beginnings! that kicks so much ass your shit just falls out.


Laura! I'm lunging for my box of tissues and my albuterol inhaler right now! Ack! If I were around I'd pull up in my trusty Subaru Forrester and start loading up Dax's stuff right now, sister.

Further to the kick ass business, once you involve a colostomy bag then you would be crossing the line.


Indeed 80 year old dust is disgusting.

Thank you Grace, it really is nice to know that I have support from afar in my quest to get the flyin' eff outta here. *hug*


I'm only offering help and my Forester so you can sponsor my family in our quest for Canuck citizenship. The shit - and the dust - is hitting the fan down here!

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