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Oh I dunno. I think that 30 seconds and the most recent post are pretty indicative of what you'll find on the rest of a person's blog. I just looked at my blog rating for the first time... I'm reviled and loved in equal amounts... damn. I hate being average.

As far as rating other blogs goes... I have a much better way of letting people know which blogs I like or frequent... its my blogroll.


Don't worry, sometimes average is neccessary.

Yes, Blogrolling is the a great way of giving some props. But again, adding blog to your roll is entirely objective based on several criteria. At least for me it is. Don't know about the rest of the world.

But 30 seconds isn't enough time to judge. Me at least. I am not consistant enough to be judged in 30 seconds. Maybe it's just my ego refusing to accept a 1-10 judgement on my thoughts in 30 seconds. Feh.


You do not belong in the shitty blog club. Your site rox.


Yay! Thanks very much! I like your site too! Actually, being a shitty blog club member is a unique honour. A shitty honour :-P
Thanks for reading!

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