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Melanie, Jaden & Cole

Merry 1st Christmas Daxon. Hope you enjoy all your toys Santa brings you.
And for you Laura, go clean up that piss on the floor!!! ;)

Happy Holidays!!

Jerry Han

Hee hee -- spoil'em early and often. (8-)

Merry Christmas guys!



Daxon would love you even more than he already does it you pack up some of those toys, put 'em in the attic and give them to him when he's too old to play with them... I know, sounds weird, but think about how much more valuable those toys will be in say 16 years? If ebay is still around, they'd be worth a mint!

Er, well, at least I'd have appreciated being saved from my own destructive tendencies.

Hope he enjoys his toys either way.

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