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You mean all of those things are no-no's? How come my mom never told ME? Poop free carpet. What a concept!

Kevin Patrick Robbins

Apparently superkev still hasn't learned that lesson.


This is the HR department. Kevin, your training has been sadly lacking. See me for an update on Civilized conduct.

Dax, we all realize you are very busy, but you must co-operate with your Mumma's efforts to take good care of you. If you don't I can address this with you and I will. You know I can, remember the Forbidden Stairs incidents?


Hi Sweetie!!! Your posts have been too funny!!!! I love them. I noticed your sountrack and that you like Stevie Ray....what about Los Lonely Boys. I got a copy of their CD and they are really great!! Mix between Stevie, who they think is a god, and Santana.

A Touch of Style

Goodness, did that bring back a lot of memories lol. Unfortunately, I never had that little talk with my two. Maybe that's where I went wrong!


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