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Graet Auntie Kim

Dear Daxon Welll you really dont know me but I am your great Aunt Kim. Nanna gave me this website so I can read all about what your mommy has to say about you. I am glad you like Dora now your mom can go through what ever mother has gone through I think she should introduce you to Teletubbies Ohhhhhhh that is such a great show for you to watch. Hmmmmmmm maybe your cousins Mitch and Nichole have some videos here that you can have I think we even have some of the BIG purple dinosaur MMMMMMMMMM Barney is his name yes that is who I will look for. Send your mom and dad right to the loonie bin. Anyhow I am glad I get to read all about you Take care sweety and hope to see you soon Love always Auntie Kim


Hey! Great Auntie Kim!! Thanks for reading!! We should make a date so you can come see us!

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