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Happy Birthday!! I heart Cinnabons, with extra icing. My birthday isn't until September, but the kids and Hubs are in June, so there will be indulgence all around! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating!


I love you too. You were worth every second of the three weeks wait, and the bleedin' birth and the operations.

Geez, looks like a lot all typed out together like that. After you were born I looked at your tiny face and promised you that I would always take care of you, that you and I would always be ok, no matter what. I did give you my best most of the time, and most of the time succeeded. You are and have always been worth every second of it.

You are worth the nights when you needed medication every four hours, when I slept upright on the couch beside you to make sure you were still breathing. You are worth the fights with the schools who wanted to stick you in a corner and forget about you. You are worth all the nights I had to go and find you and drag you home after curfew. You are worth the horrible few years when you hated me and blamed me for everything.

In those days you accused me of liking your sister better. It's true that your sister was easier for me to raise because she is more like me. At some point I recognized that you were not like me and never would be. I gave up trying to shape you. As adults your sister will never challenge me or encourage me to push past my limits as you do. I am thankful that we made it through those awful times to a better relationship. And now we have gone to a new phase, as a mother you are very much like me.

In my rebirth as a woman free of child-raising and child-supporting you have been both beacon and floats for me. You have given me permission to do what I want and be who I want. It seems to come so easily to women of your generation, but those in mine have had to struggle to achieve and take advantage of new freedoms. You have always, always been on my side and I thank you for that. I am not done with growing yet, and I know that you will be with me on the journey, supporting me and pushing me and booting me when necessary. You have taught me to DEMAND RESPECT.

You have given me a son, your husband. He thinks I am wonderful and beautiful and cooks for me and gets my car fixed. These are rare and beautiful things in my life. Through most of my life I have had to fend for myself and it is inexpressibly comforting to have him to call on.

You have given me Dax, a mixture of yourself and his Dada and his Auntie and his grandfather that never ceases to astonish me in its complexity. Like all of us, Dax is all who have been here before him and above all himself, the best little boy in the world. Together we will make sure that he is free to become whatever he wants to become.

Happy Birthday, my first born child and my friend forever. You are everything I wished that you would be and more. You rescued me then and continue to rescue me now.


I came to your site this morning to read your blog (as I always do), but today my intent was to send you a birthday greeting.

Now, you owe me for a new keyboard. I got mine all wet with my tears. You and your mom ROCK! I can feel the love pouring out of my computer. Really. It kinda feels like the electricity build up you feel in a major thunder storm.

I hope you have a wonderful day. I can't wait for Friday. First I'm going to high-five you and miss. Then I'm going to bang my head on the wall and watch you bang yours. Then I'm going to write a message on the board for you. Then I'm going to give you the biggest, superest hug and thank the lord in heaven that I have a friend like you.

Happy Birthday, Mumma.

Evil Unca' C

Damn you and your mother! I'm crying my eyes out here! GRUMBLE GRUMBLE GRUMBLE



Must be allergy season...



Happy Birthday Laura!!!!!
Makin' your way up to 30, huh? :P
Have a few pina coladas for me!
*Big birthday hugs to you*


My beautiful wife.
I really don't think I can top all those beautifull things that were typed before me. That's why I wished you a happy birthday last post(to beat everyone to it).
As much as all the love given to you, multiply that by 100 billion & you'll will come close to how much I love you. You gave me the best gifts ever. You Gave me a sister, a 2nd mother,a father-in-law,a grandma(all my grandparents are long gone), a HUGE family(in #s & height) and the best gift of all, my only son Daxon.
Up untill I fell in love with you, I thought I would die alone & unhappy. Now, I don't ever want to die because you gave me much more to live for, to tolerate this sometimes crappy world. You are hillarious, quick witted, gorgeous, and usually very patient when putting up with me.
Happy birthday Laura, to the best wife & mother I could've ever asked for. I love you with all my heart & always will.

Big kisses & Hugs XOXOXOXOXO,
Your husband,

Isaac B2

Happy birthday from one of your readers!


Happy Birthday Laura. (8-)



Happy Birthday Sweetie!!


Happy Belated Birthday!


Dude! Happy birthday! And to your Mom - Dude! Way to make the entire World Wide Web cry like a baby!

My God, Canadians. All sappy like Maple Syrup and Joni Mitchell songs.

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