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Dearest Daxon,

Your Mumma said it all kiddo. You've touched a lot of lives with that 1,000 Watt smile. It's a joy to have you in our lives.

I'm honoured to have helped you celebrate your first birthday, and look forward to the 101st.

Your Unkie P and Auntie love you very much.


Happy 1st Birthday Daxon!!
We had a great time at your birthday party. Thanks for inviting us :) You are growing into such a cute little man!! Hope you had great day sweetie!!


Happy 1st Birthday Daxon!!!


I'm a day late... HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY, Daxon!!!! :-)


Happy belated birthday, little one!!


Thanks for inviting me!! I had a great time!! Daxon is just so happy and I would be too if someone could make me a Daniela sized Winnie The Pooh ride-on with the bright lights and sounds.


My son. Don't ever blame Idian food for your large size. Your mother drank 10 gallons of SUGARY juice each day. Even the nice lady(Geneveeve) that cared for you & momma told me that one. So feel free to eat as much curried food as you want. As your father I will have no problem cooking it for you.
There are three letters you must learn before your next birthday...BBQ!
Dad (xoxoxoxoxox) x 100000000000000000000000000000000

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