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Dear Mamma/wife:

You have been through trials & tribulations for over a year. You were thrown to the fire, left out of the partying & risen to the occasion. In short you have been a great mother & wife and we are lucky to have you.
Dada is fun but, he wouldn't have made a lick of sense if you hadn't done a great job introducing the world to me. If my naps seem shorter, it's because I miss you very much & need a little more time with you. See Mama, without you, this family would just fall apart. Never take my sleep deprivation as punishment, only as privledge. I'm sure there are a lot of very unlucky people that don't have the great family & friends that we do. We love you Mama, now enjoy your 20 minute nap & then feed me. Love Daxon & Dada


Awww! It's so mushy in here you can cut it with cotton swab!

I love you both more than you could possibly imagine.


Awww :-( I'm sorry you're all struggling with the change of you working. Hang in there, it will get better. *hugs*


Actually, they are doing fabulous!! I just characterize Daxon to be a Ruthless Dictator! ;-P

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