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Ohhhh, I am on the edge of my seat. *crossing fingers*

Auntie Bernie

Alright, hope I'm not too late, but all the words are different in some way.

Twitching doesn't belong because it's random and often not caused by anything in particular; whereas Seizures are brought on by a problem in the brain, orgasms are brought on by obvious means, and casseroles are brought by whomever makes them.

Seizures don't belong because they are extreme and no fun. Twitching, orgasms and casseroles all have their elements of fun in them.

Orgasms don't belong because they are more often the most fun with someone else; where as twitching, seizures, and casseroles are good alone or with friends.

Casseroles don't belong because they don't occur in the body. The others do.

So, I hope this covers it all, and if not I DEMAND MY DAXOHOL WITH A GNOME PICTURE. I expect it to be on your person when you attend at karaoke on Friday.

Uh hm....that is all.

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