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I'm certain we need to see evidence with a picture of the angel singing suit!


Laura, you know what you need? A big, fat *HUG*!

God, is there anything worse??!!

Yeah, I can just see all the guys who feel our pain...think they spend hour on hour in front of a three-way mirror, checking out their ass from every angle, imagining themselves doing the walk of shame across the beach or pool-side, agnonizing over the purchase of a pair of swim trunks?

No, didn't think so... Eff them indeed.


Damn those trick mirrors!!! They have them in all the fitting rooms, make you look great then you get home and wonder what the hell you were thinking!

I don't know why they have to make bathing suits so hideous though, really. Why not a nice simple black? If you want a design, small prints are always nice.



I'm so going to have the Genuine Swimsuit edition!

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