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The Complimenting Commenter

A fellow love giver. I hope that she continues to give the love. I'm sure we would get along swimmingly. Thanks for the inclusion.


Whoa! Hey hey!! Thanks for stopping by!! *HUG*

Auntie Tita

To the Daxohol family...thankyou you guys are way to awesome, loving, precious, pure and beautiful...thankyou for the kind passage...it is and was totally heartfelt and tear jerking to read...You all make it so easy to love you...even though I may hide from the world always know I still love my friends...P.S. thankyou to the Complementing Commenter for the kind words...Everyone needs love, hugs, kisses, compliments and to know that they are truly special no matter how society treats them...I don't know what I would do if I couldn't love...P.S.S. thankyou for the little talk Friday Laura...my dream state fought and won against some nasty demons...the morning was fresh new and demon free...Love ya tons Babe...you rock now and always...Auntie Tita

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