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OK... I'm going for casserole which don't bring on orgasms, twitching, or seizures. OR do they? ;-)


Hmm I'm going to have to say Orgasm just because the rest are mentioned in that blog entry ;)
My first thought was casserole, so maybe I just went in too deep on this one LOL


I know of some rare beings for whom casseroles bring on orgasms...

...or so I've been told, anyway.


Oh! Oh! I wanna win this one. I'm with Betsy...a good casserole could quite possibly be orgasmic.

And as you went on and on about seizures, especially cute induced seizures, I'm guessing they don't belong. I have *never* had a "cute" orgasm. Uh, yeah. "Oh, honey that was just sooooo damn "cute". No, doesn't work.

Unckie Redneck

I have to go with Twitching.Just because I like to be different.


Is it... Seizures? Can I have a picture of you with a gnome even if i got it wrong?


I wanna see the picture first then I'll play.....


I have to say twitching...you didn't mention it...you mentioned seizures in your first paragraph, casseraoles in the second and orgasms in the second!!

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