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Auntie Bernie

Your use of "tom-doocery" makes up for your use of the word "tornadic". Almost.


As a requirement for a class I took in college I had to volunteer X amount of hours at a charity from a specific list. I blew off the assignment long enough until all the spaces were filled at the "good" places and ended up working at a thrift shop; sorting donations. It was one of the most eye opening experiences I have ever had, and was also one of the more disgusting experiences I've had. I only donate the best stuff now - and everything else goes in the garbage or in the rag bag.

Unkie Ash

So when is this sale? I need me one of them crappin' bears!


oh man. if i can't get used kleenex and dirty underwear at your sale, where the hell am i supposed to find it?! i'll keep looking :P


Happy Thanksgiving, Laura! Crapping bears, used kleenex and jockstraps??? Sign me up for this job!

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