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Auntie Bernie

4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8.....

Hazel Hazel

I personally have a strong urge to inflict bodily harm on something/someone. I instead, eat celery by the stalk.

Unkie Ash

That's funny Bernie, because *I* like to stalk celery.


I wish he did live in a bubble, one that we could poke and watch him oooze out.

Auntie Bernie

That's funny Ash, because I posted the count to ten and Hazel Hazel posted the stuff about celery.


When others pop the bubbles, yes... but not when I'm popping them. It's great stress relief LOL


JC Less Pennies

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
So... what did you do?


Hey Thanks JCLP! Gary had to work so nothing tonight...But, he is taking me to see Narnia and we'll be heading to The Keg for dinner at some point in the near future! ;-P

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