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Unkie Ash

Speaking as someone who saw Narnia with your hubby, I have to say: It was soooooo good!


You make me laugh... ohhhh, the blindfold sounds like just the right punishment LOL

I'm glad you all had a good weekend. I bet this Christmas will be a fun one with Daxon.


JC Less Pennies

I wouldn't expect anything less of you than killing our party!! :P
Yeah I was dragging the next day but we had a kick ass time with you :) His blondness does make yummy drinks and you shouldv'e had more. Maybe the cabbie would've looked like Nemo!!


Unkie Ash: Don't think I won't think of a punishemnt for you...however, I'll have to find a single girl to execute it for me ;-P

Karen: Oh you bet! This Christmas is super Chirstmasy now with Daxon to Dax it all up!
Wow, look at that, 2 nouns, each into an adjective a verb...Weee! Me=Total NERDBOX.

JCLP: Teehee, thanks darlin' It was awesome kickin' back with you guys too. I'll have you know, that the cabbie actually resembled Rick Moranis.

Auntie Teta

The Reid household will be an awesome site on Christmas day...not saying that it isen't any other normal day. Spending Christmas with the ones you love, but especially someone as adorable, handsome, energetic and down right special as Daxon rocks. You are beautiful Laura and an awesome woman, mother and partier...rock on!!!


Oh Auntie Teta *blush*
You guys see this woman? She is awesome! Your the BEST! I love ya! Merry Christmas! *SMOOCH*

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