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Repetition happens with old people and with the very, very young. Jerry Seinfeld says that the last part of your life is a lot like the very beginning. I really think that point has a lot of merit.

Auntie Bernie

Walkikng Tall with the Rock is good until you've seen the original with Joe Don Baker.

Hazel Hazel

Saw the original Walking Tall about 100 years ago. I remember liking it, but cannot remember it at all. Must be a 'senior' thing!


hahaa i had a hot 18-year-old model come and pick up her CD of photos from me that day, and she said, "omg be careful out there, it's icy!" i guess her life teetered on the downward spiral a bruised buttock can make!

anyway, exercise caution. tomorrow is going to be icy!


really, what's your show like?

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