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Good one. hehe...

Hey you guys aren't planning any big parties out the Rockwood area are you? I had this weird dream a bunch of very large Daxohol panel trucks (nice looking trucks btw) were trying to get to the next road over through our property. I was trying to tell the drivers it might be a little bumpy going that way, but couldn't get their attention. Try and figure that one out...


Hmmm, well if I were to be at any parties out there, It would probably be ON your property!! LMAO

Sorry 'bout that Pauly, I'll tell my trucks to be a little more considerate! LOL


Well you guys are welcome anytime and we'll make room for the trucks. :)

You should have seen these things though.. they looked good. A little twist on the Jokers quote from the original Batman movie. "Where do they get those wonderful trucks?"

Smacky Mouse

Smacky would like to inform you that your blog sucks worse than a chick with no cheeks.


SMACKY!! There you are you furry fuck! Hey watch out! Don't trip on your pink spike that goes with your gigantic nuts on the way out! HA!

*ahem* everyone, Smacky, Smacky, everyone...

...*whisper* awwwwwkward...

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