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"in all of our toy history there has only ever been one toy that managed to penetrate The Great Wall of Maternal Tolerance."
Picture please, or at least name & manufacturer so we may find one. Someone may 'deserve' just such a toy.

Happy Two Day to the 'Bug'. Happy 'Two Day Party Over' to mama & dod.

Unkie Ash

Fun was had by all, even if we may have inadvertantly insulted one or two relatives ...



Glad to hear he had a great party and he liked his present. Oh and I'd be thrilled to have Dax over scattering Lucky Charms on our floor ;P


Happy Birthday, Daxon!!!!!!


I told Daxon all your well wishings! Thanks everyone!

Winda-Here is a link to the post about said toy...enjoy! http://www.daxohol.com/2005/10/the_house_of_th.html

Unckie Asholio: Hah! awwwwwkward...

Melanie: Stop him if he tries to scatter the Lucky Charms! That's valuable munchables he's just tossin' around! Gold! GOLD!


Happy Birthday, Daxon! When my youngest was two, he was into the slapping thing, too. Go figure!

Mary and Paul

Thanks so much for having us over.
Dax is super cute!!

Mary and Paul

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