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So many pictures, so little time!
So little time, so many pictures!
So time is pictured as many littles!
Or pictures are time and again little!

We can hardly wait for the little pictures!

Hazel Hazel

I can't wait to hear the gorilla story....how the hell do you get on a ferris wheel when you are afraid of heights? And the swings? OMG. I have a panic attack just thinking about that!

Auntie Bernie

Sure....you're out there partying, playing cards and visiting zoos while your son was lying in his playpen, alone, weeping miserably...his tears only outnumbered by the many times he pitifully whimpered "mumma"......TEE HEE.

Actually, the only time he asked for you was when....uh....er....oh yeah, he didn't. We kept him so busy, made him so tired, and kept him so hopped up on sugar that the time flew for him.

Having a hard time figuring out truth from fiction? Just take a small dollop of the first paragraph and mix it with a smidgeon of the second, and there you have it.

The boy had fun -- but he missed his mumma.

Nuff said.


I'll go on rides like the ferris wheel or roller coaster, but the stomach-dropping feeling combined with the way my legs feel as though they're giving way beneath me somehow never goes away.

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