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You will do a great job, I know it. :-D Kick some butt. *HUGS*

That is a beautiful song.

Unkie Ash

Sorry, I wanted to comment here, but the high sugar content of this post triggered my latent diabetes.

Thanks a lot, ass hat.


Ash: Glad I could help out!

Karen: thanks hunny! I really do actually have to kick butt!


awww that's so cute! no excuse me while i vomit up my own spleen... :P

i don't see how any job-related responsibility could be greater than that of having your own living, breathing baby boy relying on you for his very survival and protection against giant blood-sucking bats! i'm sure you'll do great :)


Yes...silly and paranoid. You'll be fine.


Question: What to do when you 'screw up'?
Answer: 'Screw down'.

Screws go in two directions and if you are lucky enough to have a re-chargeable screw driver you know that you can make it go in either direction with the push of a button. The phrase "What goes up must come down." applies to gravity but is also applicable to the up and down motion of 'screws'. A 'loose screw' only needs tightening. & a 'screw-up' only need the tightening effect of the driving thing to make it fixed. Anyway, you can say you have no confidence but we know different from the new 'whammo/blasto' rainbow banner you put on the top of your page - or as you put it, ". . .aww yeah baby" - (though that it is not very good grammatical language)

aka Night-Kite


LOL Winda! You're the best! Love you! *HUG*

Kev: Giant BloodSucking Bats....How's that for an improv troupe name! LOL But seriously yes, you are right...

WG: Silly & Paranoid. Check, aaaaaaand check. As usual!! ;-D

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